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SUSD Mission Statement

Our mission is to inspire, engage, challenge, and support all students
to reach their highest level of learning and personal development.

Superintendent's Message

Good things are happening in Sierra Unified!  The Sierra Unified School Board approved the 5-year Technology Plan at the January 9th Board meeting. The board approved a plan that will be implemented over the next three years. Implementation of the plan will provide daily access to technology as a learning tool for students and emphasizes teacher training on how to integrate technology into the instructional program. 

Under the plan, the district will upgrade the technology infrastructure at all schools and will purchase laptop devices to accomplish the goal of providing all students in grades 3-12 with access to a laptop for daily use within the classroom.  In grades TK-2, smaller sets of laptops will be purchased for use in small group instruction. In grades 3-6 each classroom will be provided with a full class set of laptops as will core classes (English, Math, Science and Social Studies) in grades 7-12. The libraries at Foothill and Sierra will be upgraded with a set of new devices as well. At the secondary level, an additional cart of devices will be purchased for student use in elective classes. Teachers will also be getting new laptop computers to allow for better integration of technology into classroom instruction.

Director or Curriculum and Instruction, Sue Mitchell, led the district technology committee which consisted of representatives from each of the three campuses and district level personnel. The plan includes a budget for replacement of technology on five-six year rotation as the machines wear out and/or become obsolete. There will also be an opportunity for students to purchase older devices that are still viable at a greatly reduced cost. The SUSD 5-Year Technology Plan can be found on the District web page. We look forward to providing our students with the technology to assist them in becoming college and career ready.

We believe strongly that technology is an important component in preparing students to step into their future. In Sierra Unified we are committed to doing just that. 


Melissa Ireland, Ed.D.